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 For foreign Companies & Investors  антикризисные решения AMGC

Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are the Advertising and Marketing Group COMPASS (AMGC) / Ukraine, Kyiv. We and our partners (legal service, industry business associations and chambers of commerce and industry) would like to offer for companies services:
business and marketing consulting, research
strategic planning and development of investment projects with minimal risks for successful entry into the market
creation of businesses in Ukraine for export to other countries
entry into the Ukrainian market and promotion of the brand

Now is the time to cooperate, because now Ukraine is actively entering the global economic space and opening free trade zones with many countries (EU, Canada and others). Many Ukrainaian industrial and agricultural and food sector enterprises are oriented towards exports now.They are looking for partners and investors for mutually beneficial development. We are developer of the one of the most effective in the world of innovative technologies for finding market niches, developing strategies for entering new markets in the form of investment projects, marketing support for the rapid conquest of the market share.

We propose to combine our innovative marketing technologies with production or with investments in new promising international businesses to achieve large revenues. Marketing is everything - Harvard Business Review


AMGC marketing

We are ready to be your “marketing department” or as Partners in a joint Company. We can do for companies:

    • Marketing consulting and service (full or some part). Market Reviews

    • Researches: competitors, brand image strengths and weaknesses, and competitors` brands; consumer behavior; consumer psychography, consumer values, consumer life style; unsatisfied demand and searches for new commodity niches

    • Brands creation or repositioning 

    • The development of brand strategy (1-3 yaers) for entry a market by international technologies and considering features of Ukrainian consumers

    • Media Planning. Integrated marketing communications (ATL, BTL, PR, Event ets.)

    • Testing: ideas, advertising, packages

    • Product Packages creation, according to technology "Selling Packaging" for the brand entering in to Ukrainian retail networks

    • Outsourcing of marketing department (high-level, PhD)

    • Service at the opening of companies and representative offices. Legal support











Стратегия маркетинга





Why you can trust us to develop business in Ukraine and other countries?

    • AMGC is the co-founder and the Member of the Ukrainian part of the Ukrainian-Netherlands Business Council at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    • Our expert`s experience since 1998 (marketing, sales, advertising ets.). The name AMGC regularly sounds in the business and professional press of Ukraine for almost 10 years

    • We are able to target products and brands on the Ukrainian mentality

    • We do most informative market research in Ukraine by unique Hi-Tech AMGC Marketing Technology for Strategic & Tactic Marketing. We are company who are spending qualitative and quantitative research in one united format like the format of in-depth interviews with a large number of respondents (till 3 200) constantly. For Strategic Planning we use answers to open questions including the answers to the questions like "why?“

    • We do effective marketing strategies, because its based on most informative market research

    • We use unique technologies so as "AMGC Selling Packaging" ets for creation or adaptation of product packaging to the Ukrainian market

    • Our team includes highly qualified specialists. Managing partner the group of companies AMGC is the Ex-Director of Strategic Planning & Research for JWT Ukraine (WPP Group) marketing communications agency. Brands as Brands as Ferrero, Heineken, Organics, Shik / Wilkinson, Parmalat, Jaсobs Monarch, Reebok, Indesit / Merloni, Timotei, Ambrobene, Gepabene, Тic Tac, Nutella, Raffaello, Lux, Davidoff, West, Kinder Surprise have entered the Ukraine market with active participation of Roman Kolyadyuk PhD.

    • Brands have become market leaders during first 2-3 years. For example TM Jaсobs Monarch (well known nowadays) has been made in that time in Kyiv by Roman Kolyadyuk PhD and Team specialists. The TM Jaсobs Monarch became the market leader in Ukraine, then Europe and nowadays it is selling on the Middle East Market

    • Marketing technologies work in the markets of all countries


Marketing technologies for finding Market Niches and entering a New Markets 

We have more than 22 separate technologies in narrow areas of marketing such as research, tests, strategic and tactical planning, investment design, brand development, creating incentive sales packages, merchandising, etc.

The market of Ukraine. Free trading zone. Canada, the European Union, Israel and other markets. Marketing services


The Нi-Tech AMGC Marketing Technology is the special logical system based on the analysis of unique comprehensive research of consumers (4in1):

AMGC StrategyTech = ImTech + ShoppingTech  +  PsiTech +  TestTech

      1. ImTech is the technology for measuring the brand image and brands of competitors, the actual positioning of the brand and TM competitors in the minds of target audiences;

      2. ShoppingTech is the technology for studying consumer behavior (who, where, how much, why buy, ..., etc.);

      3. PsiTech is the technology of studying psychological portraits of target audiences of consumers, deep motivations for purchase and lifestyle

      4. TestTech is the technology for testing the initial hypothesis, product packaging or advertising

This super informative research (StrategyTech) allows to make the rationale for finding market niches, marketing strategies, crisis management decisions and advertising strategies to achieve a market share

International standards:  ICC /ESOMAR, EFAMRO

The team's qualification allows the development of new technologies in the course of achieving market goals.

We will be happy to help a new companies in Ukraine and other countries to determine the market share and achieve it


Technology marketing to find market niches and enter new markets


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