BLIND: The International Film Project of AMGC.In the name of the one God the Almighty, Independence of Ukraine and Historical truth! Міжнародний кінопроект BLIND

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Офiцiйний логотип Проекту The International Film Project «BLIND» (Slipy) / Автори: Роман Колядюк PhD i Дарiя Захарченко (AMGC)


I remember that day very clearly in my mind, the first time I met Cardinal Josеph Slipy. It was 1976, and I was still a young boy at the time. No one person ever left an impression on me as did this saintly man. There was a certain aura about him which I never felt again since our faithful meeting that day. I treasure the memory of meeting this martyr, who truely believed in the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC) and was ready to give up his life for it. Let his belief be a lesson to all of us. We should be so thankful about what a tremendous time we are living in, having the right to free speech and belief, which this holy man rarely experienced. Heading into a new Mellenium, may this enrichen our spiritual belief in God and in the Church


In 1962 he recieved his final sentence and was dispatched to the very harsh prison of Mordovvia from which "one does not come out alive" but where one dies "a natural death." Father Leoni, a jesuit, describing the torments of the bug-infested prison transit camp at Kirov recollects as follows: "Meanwhile, into our cell were thrown other political detainees.

At dusk I heard an unknown voice call me. An old man with a beard stood before me his hand, saying, "Josеph Slipy." It was at the same time a joy and a grief to find myself together with my Metropolitan"

Roman Golash


Кир Йосип Сліпий


Twice when near death he was saved by other prisoners. Once, after protracted hearings when his only food was one small fish a day, he collapsed. The other inmates set up a chant, "warm water for the old man," and maintained it for three hours. The guards relented, brought it and he was saved. Again when Vice-President Nixon was crossing Russiaby train the Metropolitan was among a diverted train-load of prisoners confined in a room with one tiny window. Many died but he was pushed to the window and survived. When he had finished his first sentence in 1953 he was taken briefly to Moscow but was given a further five years' sentence in Siberia. Some times he is pleading to people to send no more help or letters because they increase his difficulties.


...My thoughts extend to all my brothers and sisters in Ukraine and the vast expanses of the whole Soviet Union, to those who suffer in freedom and to those who languish in jails, prisons, hard labour camps or death camps... In their midst I can see new ranks of fighters, scientistists, writers, artists, farm workers, and labourers. I can see among them those who search for truth and those who defend justice. I can hear voices raised in defence of the basic human fights of the individual and of society. I watch with wonder and see how they defend our native Ukrainian language, how they enrich our native Ukrainian culture, and how with the full power of their minds and hearts they save the Ukrainian soul. And I suffer alongside them, for they are persecuted for this as common criminals

Josеph Slipy

The Pope's Farewell On Wedneday 17 October 1984, Pope John Paul II celebrated Mass in St. Peter's Basilica for the repose of the soul of Cardinal Slipy. Here is the heart of the Pope's farewell to his great Ukrainian brother. "Come to me al you who are weary and laden, and I will refresh you!" This Word of Christ, taken from the Gospel of Matthew, sums up the long and difficult life of the beloved Archbishop-Major. During his prolonged troubles as a condemned man and then as an exile, he always found in Christ refreshment to be a man of invincible faith, a pastor of firm courage, a witness of heroic fidelity, an eminent personality of the Church. "It is painful to recall the long calvary which an innocent man, a Metropolitan Archbishop, had to bear because of his Christian faith! We know that during those years of imprisonment and hard labour he often succeded in secretly celebrating the Holy Eucharist, finding in Christ the stength and the joy to suffer with Him and for Him, for the defence and preservation of his people's faith. Finally Pope John XXIII succeeded in obtaining his release, and on 9 February 1963 Archbishop Slipyj arrived in Rome. Quoting the Imitation of Christ, my predecessor said to him during their emotial first meeting. 'Happy the moment when Jesus calls from tears to joy of the Spirit (BkII, ch.VIII)." "During the last part of his life Cardinal Slipyj maintained his fervour and his pastoral dynamism and from his example a message comes to us which can serve us, still pilgrims along the ways of this world, and can also serve the entire Church." "Dear brothers and sisters, in offering the Holy Sacrifice for Cardinal Slipyj, we pray to the Lord for him, meditating on his heroic faith; we invoke the Virgin Mary for the Christians persecuted in today's society, for our Ukrainian brothers and sisters residing in their nation or scattered throughout the world,"


When the wind fills the sail, the boat has power (Acts 1:8)

"Besser und besser"

All streams flow into the sea, yet the sea is never full. Ecclesiastes 1:7

Благословення отця Любомира Яворського

Blessing priest - a good beginning of the journey (way).

Father Lubomir Jaworski Deputy Head of Department of the Patriarchal Curia for Pastoral Care in the Armed Forces of Ukraine has blessed AMGC Producing Group at 2 June 2016.

After that, less than one hour, God showed the next step of the way.

AMGC Producing Group has seen “opened door” and joined to International Christian Forum “Cooperation of Christian politicians and civil society in the promotion of Christian values on the international arena” (2- 3 June 2016, Kyiv). European and American Christians were gathering namely in to call for unity all of us as Christians, because hole world in danger. The purpose of this forum is to foster a spirit of close collaboration amongst Christian politicians and civil society and to explore together ways of protecting the Christian values of human dignity, family and freedom.

президент Асоціації Конгресменів Джеймс Слеттері

CEO of The International Film Project «BLIND» & Managing partner of AMGC Roman Kolyadyuk PhD and Executive Producer of The International Film Project «BLIND» Valery Zakharchenko in behalf of the Producing Group signed the Declaration on the Establishment of the European Christian Coalition 3th June 2016.

We had a lot of interesting conversations with Jim Slattery President of Congressmen (USA) Congressman, Lorcán Price - Legal counsel with ADF International in Strasbourg (France), Rt Hon Jeffrey Donaldson - MP House of Commons (United Kingdom), Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein, Leo van Doesburg - Director European Affairs and Policy Advising, ECPM, Marco Gombacci - Editor in Chief European Post (Italy). The topic of the communications was Christian values` promotion on the international arena throw The International Film Project «BLIND». We have spoken and prayed together with Hon Jeffrey Donaldson - MP House of Commons.

Продюсерська група AMGC та член Парламенту Великої Британії, радник ЇЇ Величності Королеви, керівник молитовної парламентської групи сер Джефрі Доналдсон (Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP) на зустрічі по співпраці в міжнародному кінопроекті після спільної молитви


By God`s Will, Hon Jeffrey Donaldson joined to Producing Group (Ukraine – United Kingdom) The International Film Project «BLIND» for the implementation of The Project. on 3th of the June 2016 .

We have regular contacts since that time. Next week 11 June 2016 in st. James’s Palace in London Her Majesty The Queen of The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and Head of the Commonwealth Elizabeth II has been graciously pleased, on the occasion of the celebration of her Majesty’s birthday, to signify her intention of conferring the Honour of knighthood upon the Knight Bachelor the Right Honourable Jeffrey Mark Donaldson, M.P., Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom.

Генеральний продюсер  The International Film Project "BLIND" доктор Роман Колядюк в резиденції Блаженнійшого Любомира кардинала Гузара, Архієпископа - Емерита УГКЦ, перед аудієнцією

Roman Kolyadyuk PhD - CEO at The International Film Project «BLIND» / Photo at the residence of the Archbishop Emeritus of Church Lubomyr Cardinal Huzar

“The Power of God, through the ukrainian priest Joseph Slipy, demonstrated to the world, how much one person can do, when the God is with him. We already know such as large-scale, integrated and long-term consequences results we have today of the unity by One Christian and One Living God.

Lord's will priest resisted to the Soviet Evil Empire and not gave to scatter to the world "farms" to his family - is Ukrainians. After 74 years of very complex life Patriarch Joseph took and brought together different group of Ukrainians in different countries in the bosom of the Church. Confessor of the Faith, Cardinal Joseph Blind is a spiritual and moral example for young Christians around the world " .

Roman Kolyadyuk PhD CEO of The International Film Project «BLIND».


Благословення Блаженнішого Любомира кардинала Гузара продюсерської групи та проекту The International Film Project "BLIND"

Archbishop Emeritus Lubomir Cardinal Husar blessed us Production Group of The International Film Project «BLIND» 7th of June 2016.

His Eminence by His Eminence`s own hand write autograph for Story About The Project. By God`s Will, His Eminence Archbishop Emeritus Lubomir Cardinal Husar joined to the team The International Film Project «BLIND» on 7th of June 2016. Since that day we have regular meetings for prays and consultations with one of Greatest Wisemen of the XX century - his Eminence Archbishop Emeritus Lubomir Cardinal Husar.

During one of first meetings his Eminence Lubomir Cardinal Husar told: “Ukraine has special spirit aim nowadays…” It will be shown in The Project also.


Владика Бори?с Ґудзя?к благословив продюсерську групу AMGC

Borys Gudziak Cardinal of the Catholic Church, Ukrainian Eparchial Bishop in France, Benelux Netherlands, Luxemburg, and last but not the list – Switzerland. President of the Ukrainian Catholic University. His Eminence Started Spiritual Way as the student of the Lviv Archeparchy under Cardinal Joseph Slipy..

The meeting was not scheduled for us. Bishop Boris Gudziak asked to take a picture of him at the Cathedral. Bishop Boris Gudziak рrayed with Producers of The International Film Project «BLIND» 26th of the June 2016.

We prayed together in St. Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv and God`s Anointing was so powerful that Bishop Boris Gudziak told: “I can’t speak anymore I can only sing.” And His Eminence Boris Cardinal Gudziak knelt down and began to sing and praise the Lord.” ...Their Excellency Boris Gudziak sang under the dome of St. Orans image ...

академік АН ВШ України Володимир Сергійчук та керіник проекту доктор Роман Колядюк

Dr.Volodsmir Sergychuk - Ukrainian Academician of Higher School of Ukraine, professor, historian, politician, writer, and ex-director at Center Ukrainian of the Country Study of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, during many years was researching life story of His Eminence Joseph Slypy.

Volodymyr Serhiychuk joined to the team of The International Film Project «BLIND» 27th Jule 2016.

Photo: CEO of the Project Roman Kolyaduk, PhD and Volodymyr Serhiychuk agreed to The International Film Project «BLIND».


Отець доктор Іван Дацько: Нас ще лишилося двох на світі, що дуже близько - прямо щоденно - працювали з Патріярхом Йосифом Сліпим

Father Dr. Ivan Dacko – Ukrainian Greek Catholic priest. Doctor of theology, professor of the Ukrainian Free University (Munich, Germany) and President of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies of the Ukrainian Catholic Universitypersonal.

F-D Ivan Dacko was a secretary to His Eminence Cardinal Joseph Slipy in the Vatican. F-D Ivan Dacko was writing Diary hardworking day after day wrote all stories and words that Cardinal Joseph Slipy share. Father-Doctor Ivan Dacko joined to The International Film Project «BLIND»

Father-Doctor Ivan Dacko white to CEO of the Project Roman Kolyaduk, PhD 21st of July 2016 : “We only two persons left in the world, why was very close – day by day - working with the patriarch Joseph Slipy: His Beatitude Lubomyr Cardinal Husar (83 years) and I (a few weeks I fulfilled life in '69) cordially salute f. Ivan”

Сьогодні група компаній STAR MEDІA – одна з найбільших у Європі.

The official STAR MEDIA positive response to the interest in the production and distribution of film in the world.

Movie Group Companies STAR MEDIA interested to produce and distribute film all over the world. We have official letter from head of Movie Group Companies. “STAR MEDIA - one of the largest in Europe. It has prestigious awards at international festivals such as the Platinum Remi, Gold Remi at the World Fest Houston Film Festival (1961). STAR MEDIAVictories talking about the high quality production international level of film-products we do, because the jury are highly skilled and submitted works of other participants the highest level too: S. Spielberg, George. Lucas, David Lynch, P. Mazurski, R. Rodriguez, Ridley Scott, Oliver Stone. TV channels in Europe, China, Japan, USA, Israel, Middle East, Latin America and others. broadcast Movies and TV series produced by STAR MEDIA.

"Господи, Ти випробував мене і знаєш мене. Ти знаєш, коли я сяду і коли я встану. Ти наперед знаєш думки мої. Стежку мою і місце перебування мого. Ти визначив і всі путі мої відомі Тобі. Ще нема слова на язиці моїм, а вже Ти, Господи, все знаєш. Ти ствердив мене і поклав на мене руку Твою".  Псалом 138 «Давидові псалми»

"We will meet mach more than once" - Archbishop Emeritus Lubomyr Cardinal Huzar

Photo at the residence of the Archbishop Emeritus Lubomyr Cardinal Huzar: Archbishop Emeritus of Church Lubomyr Husar, Roman Kolyadyuk PhD - CEO at The International Film Project «BLIND», Valery Zakharchenko - Executive Producer of The International Film Project «BLIND», Igor Talalaevsky - Producer and Administrative Producer of The International Film Project «BLIND» Daria Zakharchenko after first day of consultations about ideologues of The Project.

The International Film Project «BLIND» про життя і віру Главу Української Греко-Католицької Церкви кардинала Йосипа Сліпого Copyright: Roman Kolyadyuk PhD & Daria Zakharchenko, 2016 On the day I called, You answered me, and strengthened me in my soul. All the kings of the earth shall praise You, O Lord, for they have heard the words of Your mouth. Indeed, they shall sing of the ways of the Lord, for great is the glory of the Lord. Though the Lord is exalted, yet He has concern for the lowly, but the proud one He knows from a distance. Though I walk in the midst of trouble, You will preserve me; You stretch forth Your hand against the wrath of my enemies, and Your right hand saves me. The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your mercy, O Lord, endures forever; do not forsake the works of Your hands. Psalm 138 "David Psalms"
Стефа?н Ілько?вич Рома?нів (Мельбурн, Австралія) — політичний діяч, Генеральний секретар Світового конгресу українців, Голова Проводу ОУН (р)

The AMGC Producers Group of The Project at VI World Forum of Ukrainian.

Stefan Ilkovich novel (Melbourne, Australia) - politician, General Secretary of the Ukrainian World Congress (32 organizations), the chairperson of the OUNR, interested of The International Film Project «BLIND» and was fascinated by the idea The International Film Project.

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) is the international coordinating body for Ukrainian communities in the Diaspora representing the interests of over 20 million Ukrainians. The UWC has a network of member organizations and ties with Ukrainians in 50 countries. Founded in 1967, the UWC was recognized in 2003 by the United Nations Economic and Social Council as a non-governmental organization (NGO) with special consultative status.

 голова СУБ Петро Ревко, генеральний секретар Федір Курляк та директор Зенко Ластовецький

Photo: Chairman of the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB) Mr. Peter Rewko, General Secretary - Mr. Theodore Kurlyako and Director Mr. Zenko Lastovetsky - leaders of the AUGB with Roman Kolyadyuk PhD - CEO at The International Film Project «BLIND», Valery Zakharchenko - Executive Producer of The International Film Project «BLIND» during work-meeting of The Project.

Unbelievable All of them are knows Cardinal Joseph Slipy personaly, one took first churchyard communion second one has singed in Church Choir while Joseph Slipy was serving in Church others have theirs interesting stories. We will tell more little later. UK Ukrainian gentlemen inspired by God and His doings since The Project started. They ensured Producers Group in interest in the Project also they ensured to be a part of the Project. Also they asked us: “After The International Film Project «BLIND» you should made second world wide Film about Andrey Sheptytsky.” у ...

Виконавчий директор Української національної інформаційної служби Українського конгресового комітету Америки (УНІС, Вашингтон, США) та управляючий партнер AMGC доктор Роман Колядюк

Photo: Executive Director of the Ukrainian National Information Service of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UNIS, Washington, USA), Mr. Michael Savkiv, Chairman of the Association of the Ukrainian Diaspora in Greece "Ukrainian Greek Thought" Halyna Maslyuk Kakku. They were informed about the Project

Президент Ради Українських Державницьких Організацій Світу Юрій Шимко (Торонто) та Роман Колядюк (AMGC)

Yuri Shymko - President of World Ukrainian Organizations ICSU, Toronto expressed deep interest and acceptance to The The International Film Project «BLIND»

President of ICSU good fortune to communicate with His Beatitude Joseph Blind in the Vatican, and the wife of Yuri Blessed met at the airport in Canada during one of the trips transsvitovyh Cardinal Joseph Blind

Адміністративний продюсер Проекту, директор з розвитку AMGC Дар'я Захарченко в колі родини Павла Грода, Президента Конгресу Українців Канади, Віце-президента Світового Конгресу українців

Photo: Paul Grod - President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Vice President of the World Congress of Ukrainian with family and Daria Zakharchenko-Administrative producer of Project Development Director at Advertising & Marketing Group COMPASS. Picture award on the occasion, Mr. Paul Grod State by the President of Ukraine. Paul Grod likes The International Film Project «BLIND», commenting their doings he told: “Ukrainians of the world help because it is our incumbency”


Andriy Futey, President of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA, USA)

During a meeting with a group of Producing AMGC told that he expects Ukrainians unity and Ukrainian Congress Committee of America will support the project The International Film Project «BLIND» officially and will strongly support its implementation. Mr. Andrew Futey asked sincerely, and Producers Group approved and appreciated instructed to inform the bishops of the US project for a common prays for its implementation. Mr. Andrew Futey has family photo with His Beatitude Cardinal Joseph Slipy. Amen!

Евген Чолій - Президент Світового Конґресу Українців. Отримав ряд нагород, у тому числі й Діамантову ювілейну медаль королеви Єлизавети II, Золоту ювілейну медаль королеви Єлизавети ІІ, орден України “За заслуги” ІІІ ступеня та Шевченківську медаль Конґресу Українців Канади


Eugene Czolij, President of Ukrainian World Congress was informed about Project for Further cooperation. “What you do is very important. If your main partner is the Lord, then we will be junior partner” - said Mister Czolij.

Eugene Czolij, is President of the Caisse populaire Desjardins Ukrainienne de Montréal (a Ukrainian credit union), a member of the Board of Directors of the Council of Ukrainian Credit Unions of Canada, a member of the Council of Representatives, East of Montreal, of the Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec, (the largest cooperative financial group in Canada). Mister Czolij has also been a member of the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress since 1994. Mister Czolij is a senior partner at Lavery, de Billy, one of the largest law firms in Quebec, with more than 200 lawyers.

Продюсерська група AMGC і Блаженніший Любомир кардинал Гузар

Archbishop Emeritus Lubomyr AMGC Producer Group and His Beatitude Lubomir Cardinal Husar

The members of the Ukrainian part of the AMGC producer group have been blessed by the Lord to once again to talk and pray with the Archbishop Emeritus Lubomyr Cardinal Huzar. His Eminence is in good humor and Cardinal gives weighty advices about the ideology and strategies of The International Film Project "BLIND". We pray together.

Cardinal Husar sent the letter to the producer group and greeted with success (in connection with the development of script history, the new Genre of cinema and other documents for the creation of an artistic film). The Head of the Church Emeritus the Blessed One has provided the Project with prayer support in recent months of life


Блаженніший Любомир Гузар і Роман Колядюк PhD: The International Film Project «BLIND»


The team of AMGC producers is visiting the bishop, the chairman of the Ukrainian Evangelical Alliance Valery Reshetinskiy PhD

Producer Team of AMGC is visiting Chairman of the Ukrainian Evangelical Alliance Valery Reshetinsky PhD for familiarization with the Project and the New Movies Genre “Fantastic Reality” of the evangelical direction.

Valery Reshetinsky is the bishop, Chairman of the Ukrainian Interchurch Council which includes represents 20 different evangelical denominations, the President of Union Ukrainian Missionary Church, Chairman of Board of the International Center for Christian Leadership, Pastor of Church “Christian Hope”

The Ukrainian Evangelical Alliance is part of the World Evangelical Alliance founded in London in 1846.

World Evangelical Alliance is a global ministry working with local churches around the world to join in common concern to live and proclaim the Good News of Jesus in their communities. WEA is a network of churches in 129 nations and over 100 international organizations joining together to give a world-wide identity, voice, and platform to more than 600 million evangelical Christians. Seeking holiness, justice and renewal at every level of society - individual, family, community and culture, God is glorified and the nations of the earth are forever transformed.


In accordance with Jesus’ prayer in John 17, unity among Christians and evangelism go hand-in-hand. As the world’s largest evangelical association, the WEA connects many church networks, ministries and organizations for greater strategic impact. WEA’s various projects foster unity, synergy and collaboration between its members and many others on topics of common concern. The WEA has, since its beginning in 1846, stressed the importance of united prayer.

The team of AMGC producers is visiting the bishop, the chairman of the Ukrainian Evangelical Alliance Valery Reshetinskiy PhD
The first public presentation-announcement of the new literary and film genre "Fantastic Reality" was held all over the world through Radio Vatican in the transmission of the editor of the Ukrainian editorial Svetlana Dukhovich September 4, 2017 at 19:45 Kyiv time

The first public presentation-announcement of the new Literary and Movie Genre "Fantastic Reality" was held all over the world through Radio Vatican in the transmission of the editor of the Ukrainian editorial Svetlana Dukhovich September 4, 2017 at 19:45 Kyiv time:

"... Christians of different confessions is working together on the implementation of the International Movie Project "Blind" about Cardinal Joseph Slipy, as well as on the introduction of a new gospel film genre called "Fantastic Reality". The telephone interview was attended by General Producer Roman Kolyadyuk, Administrative Producer Daria Zakharchenko and Executive Producer Valery Zakharchenko ..."


The first public presentation-announcement of the new literary and film genre "Fantastic Reality" was held all over the world through Radio Vatican in the transmission of the editor of the Ukrainian editorial Svetlana Dukhovich September 4, 2017 at 19:45 Kyiv time On September 11, 2017, 19:45 (the Kyiv time) the Radio Vatican under the rubric "Talk about the actual" reported about second part interview dedicated creating the new literary and genre film "Fantastic Reality" in Ukraine